Tattoo Store Disposable grips!

Make sure you check out the launch of the Tattoo Store Disposable grip!

We are very proud over these grips as they are comfortable and of high quality, and we like working with them. The grips are based on the Hummingbird patented solution engineered for maximum ink flow. The grips are made of hard plastic measures 2,5 cm. The tips are made of medical grade 114r-111 resin and comes individually sealed for total sterilized hygiene so that both you and your customer can feel safe.

You will feel the same feeling we have working with them and that is that they are shockproof and are very easy working with. No more need to use those autoclaves with these tubes.


1) The tattoo grip is made of 100% silicone rubber which makes it harmless to body

2) It is comfortable and soft

3) It is shockproof when control the tattoo

4)Fits all standard tattoo machines

5)The tips are made of the Medical-grade plastic 114R-111 resin.

6)Durable in use

7)Certificate: CE