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About Us

So who are we and what do we really do?

We at tattoo store would like to present ourselves with saying that we are a number of people working for one common interest: Living the tattoo life. And not only benefit from the industry, but foremost give a better deal to tattoo artists like us. We live for high quality products that you will love working with. We are constantly working with product development and only works with the best manufacturers to give the best products at great prices. Tattoo Store is driven like a collective by artists who know tattoos so that you as a tattoo artist can feel safe knowing that you will never have to doubt the quality of the products. At Tattoo Store we are a group of people with different skills, we have a team of tattoo artists that tests the products and come up with ideas on how to develop the products. Combined between all of us we have a wide range of knowledge about the arts and equipment.

Our tattoo artist team has been in the business since the 90ths and we collaborate with You Gotta Love It Tattoo in Oslo, Norway. At Tattoo Store we are confident in all our products and proudly stand behind them to 100 %. All products are carefully tested and chosen to cover all your needs. The brands we sell are well known and all of high quality.

Our own Tattoo Store brand is something we are proud of and excited to let you try for yourself.  We are constantly working with developing our own products under the Tattoo Store brand and carefully test them so that we can assure you that you will be satisfied with our products. Our goal is to give you as an artist the best products at the best prices and with our own brand you can be sure of that as we cut out all middlemen and sell the products directly to you.

As tattooing is our passion in life, we want to treat fellow tattoo artists like our family. We treat our family good and therefore we have created a generous bonus system for those who shops a lot at us. The system is simple; if you are loyal to us and buy your supplies in our store we will give you a discount every time you shop.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to